Environmental Policy


At South Wales touring Park, Fferm Llwynifan Farm, we care for the environment.

We are constantly looking at ways to become more environmentally friendly.

Please help us, and the environment by reading our policy below and follow the suggestions.

What we do,  and how you can help

Recycling – Please recycle your waste.

Wales aims to become a zero-waste nation by 2050. To align with this goal, in 2009 the Welsh Government launched its Scheme for Sustainable Development, in which the target was outlined to create a circular economy and increase recycling rates to 70% by 2025. From business owners to residents, every sector in Wales now has a duty to help Wales become a nation committed to recycling.

Please watch the short 3min video below on how you can help us become compliant with the new recycling law.

We therefore have eight separate bins.

  • Glass.
  • Paper and Card.
  • Tin and Plastic.
  • Food.
  • Dog waste.
  • General waste.
  • Batteries.
  • Small electrical items.

“To ensure compliance with the new legislation, any organisation that does not separate its waste will be liable to financial penalties.”  Please therefore help us comply and separate your waste into these bins.

Energy Conservation

    • Our electric power showers, only warm up the water when being used.
    • All of our lights are now low energy LED lights, and all are on timers , movement sensors or dusk to dawn sensors.
    • We have installed an air heat exchanger in our showers and toilet block, this means that any stale air, and heat generated from the showers is taken up by the system, fresh air is then brought in, and the heat is exchanged over to the fresh air coming in, this prevents any waste of heat and energy.
    • We have installed 9Kw of solar panels on various out buildings around the farm some of these feed into an energy storage battery pack.

Biomass Boiler – the “cow shed” (Hywels house) is heated by a pellet based, biomass boiler,  Biomass is known as a “carbon lean” fuel, producing a fraction of the carbon emissions of fossil fuels Biomass fuels generate low levels of atmospheric pollutants and do not contribute to ‘acid rain’ with nasties such as sulphur dioxide that are released by fossil fuels.  The wood pellets come from a sustainable, renewable, UK based source.

  • We have installed metered electricity for each pitch, this is via a pre-payment meter on each bollard. Using our  software, credit will be loaded onto reusable cards and transferred to the meter via contactless RFID technology.

Water use

  • Many of our taps are water saving easy release.
  • Our toilets have a water saving dual flush cistern, which uses less water.
  • We monitor our water usage, and any dripping taps we repair, PLEASE turn off the taps on your pitches when you go out for the day, our water pressure varies, and some times  such fluctuations can cause connections to “Pop off” wasting valuable water.
  • In summer during droughts we request that any clean water is used to water our shrubs (We will put up appropriate signage when this is needed)
  • We request that shower usage is kept to a minimum, this saves water and electricity.

Thoughtful Purchasing

  • We use local producers and suppliers whenever possible.
  • Please think of the environment before making any purchases and re-use shopping bags.
  • Our toilet paper is bought from “Who gives a Crap” and is made with 100% forest friendly bamboo, and they help provide proper sanitation for the 2 billion people in need.
  • All bags used in our facility bins are biodegradable.
  • Buy local produce where possible, CLICK HERE  for local shops, and information on food deliveries to the park.
  • Our 2024 information booklet is printed on 100% recycled paper.


  • The best way to cut pollution is to reduce the number of car journeys. Please walk, cycle or use public transport whenever possible. A guide to local public transport and bus timetables is on our website CLICK HERE
  • The nearest  22kw  car charging point to us is Beacon Centre SA14 8LQ Or for a 50Kw Dafen Trade park SA14 8ND See Map-map Live for more information
  • Our tractors run on biodiesel where possible.

Trees and Grounds

  • We have planted over 100 trees and have over 300 various shrubs around the park . We donate to the Troserch woodland society each year which is  a short walk from the park. 
  • We have bird boxes placed around the park to encourage the native birds to roost.
  • During 2022 we bought a new electric sit on mower, leaf blower, strimmer and hedge cutters, these are all charged up during the day using power from our solar panels.


  • Laundry
  • We use linen hand towels in our facilities, these are washed at 60°C once a day,  during our busy season.
  • To dry them we do use the tumble dryer, but only when our solar panels are working well.  When  possible we do put them out on our line to dry naturally.
  • We use “smol” washing detergent, which use a  lower level of added chemicals per wash when compared to the other capsule brands. Learn more here. 

    The  packaging this comes in is made from Forest Stewardship Council® approved, sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable too.

What we plan to do over the coming years.

  • We plan on installing an air to water air source heating system, for the hot water in the showers and hand wash basins.
  • We plan on installing a water collection system to flush the toilets.
  • We plan on installing three phase power, to have fast charging points for electric vehicles, this however comes with a price tag of around £40K – We would then increase the power to each pitch to 16amp.
  • We also intend to continue to increase the number of native plants and hedges around the site and replace non-native species.

South Wales touring park – Llwynifan farm is surrounded by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and by following these simple suggestions we can help to keep it that way. We welcome your feedback in ways we could improve and would appreciate your help.