Things to do on rainy days

Yes its true, sometimes it rains, we have been told there are 20 kinds of rain you can only get in Wales.

BUT don’t let that put you off, there is no such thing as bad weather! so how can you make the most of it? We have many attractions in the area, there is always something to see and do, from a Visit to the Gwili Railway through to the Wildfoul, Wetlands Trust  Penclaclwydd, or have a guided tour  round one of the national trust properties at Dolaicothi Gold mines or Newton House

There is list of Wet and cold weather attractions on the Discover Carmarthenshire website here

To see what the weather is doing right now, click on the weather image,  it will take you to the information from Hywels Weather station on our park.


We also often have some spectacular sun rises which you can see from your pitch To see the sun rise times click here