EHU (Electric hook up)

The pitch supply is 10amp.  

Pre-paid Electric card system
We believe this is the fairest way of charging for electric use.  The price per unit, will be in your welcome pack letter. We will charge you, what our supplier charges us, and it will include VAT and standing charges.

On arrival.

You will receive a pre-paid electric card in your welcome pack.  We would have pre-loaded it with credit at £2pn. Therefore if you are staying for 5 nights you will have £10 credit, if you stay for 14 nights £28 etc (Non Refundable, un-used credit will be donated to the Wales Air Ambulance)

  • When you get to your pitch, Plug in your cable to your rig.
  • Push the black switch up.
  • Place the card against the bollard display, and it will show you your credit.
  • You can now use the electricity.

If you wish to have additional credit, call down to reception with your card, and we can add credit onto the card for you, £5 increments. Press the card against the screen on the bollard, and the credit will be transferred to your meter.

*Tip* if you don’t want to check your bollard every day, put enough credit on to last your stay. Unused credit (whole pounds) will be refunded.

When you leave

  • Place the card against the screen on the bollard.  This will transfer the remaining credit £ back to the card, and turn the electricity off.
  • Bring this card (and your barrier key fob) back down to us in reception before you leave, and we will refund you the amount you have not used, to the nearest pound.
  • The pence will be donated to the Wales Air Ambulance. We will be totalling the donations up in November 2024