Welsh Produce

 Friday Food delivery

Every Friday morning we have G W Watkins & Son mobile shop calls up the farm, (Usually around 9.30am)  he will drive round the park.  They sell fruit and vegetables, Fresh meats, locally  made cakes, eggs and much much more!

Local butcher

Our local butcher is located in the village, and offers superb variety of meats CLICK HERE


Beer park

Why not try a  guided beer tasting session, at the Beer Park.  All events  are held at the beautiful bottle shop and tasting room in Dafen, only 6 minutes from our park. You can book online at BeerPark.co.uk for evening and afternoon tastings of Welsh German, Belgian or Beers of the World. Seven beers over a couple of hours with chats about the beers and brewing.

To book a private tasting call  0771 422 6428.