Welsh Produce

 Saturday Food delivery

Every Saturday morning we have G W Watkins & Son mobile shop calls up the farm, (Usually around 9.30am)  he will drive round the park.  They sell fruit and vegetables, Fresh meats, locally  made cakes, eggs and much much more!

Comes every Thursday around 3pm, he will drive round the park.

DRAGON FINE FOODS – We have teamed up with  “Dragon fine foods” and “Carmarthen Food”  who bring local food producers together, and create the ability to order superb quality Welsh food on line.

The majority are freshly made or picked to order ensuring maximum freshness. With low food miles and almost all reusable, returnable or recyclable packaging they are therefore good for the environment.

Dragon fine foods are located in Daven, just down the road from our park, CLICK HERE to see their website. They offer BBQ packs and can deliver to the park.