Welsh Produce

We have teamed up with  “Carmarthen Food”  who bring local food producers together, and create the ability to order superb quality Welsh food on line.

The majority are freshly made or picked to order ensuring maximum freshness. With low food miles and almost all reusable, returnable or recyclable packaging they are therefore good for the environment.

They have kindly created two packs for us.

Orders need to be in by Wednesday morning (before 5am) in order to give time for meat products to be prepared, eg, the black/white pudding will be made fresh.

IMPORTANT NOTE.  When ordering, under the “Special instructions” please state that you wish for the goods to be delivered to “South Wales Touring park, Llwynifan Farm, Llangennech, Llanelli, SA14 8AX”   (Or you can pick them up from Carmarthen on Thursday after 5.30pm) We will then deliver the packs to your van as soon as they arrive on the park, on Friday afternoon.  Where the form ask for an address, put in your home address.

1. Carmarthenshire breakfast pack for two people. All meat is bred, raised free range and butchered on an award winning local farm. The eggs are from hens free to range on pastures and in orchards, milk is direct from the farm. Your jam and marmalade comes direct from the award winning maker. The bread comes from a small local bakery, the coffee is freshly ground and tea is blended by hand locally. Finally your butter is another award winning product made in Carmarthenshire  CLICK HERE TO ORDER 

2. BBQ Pack – All the red meat is bred, raised free range and butchered on an award winning local farm. Your chutneys come direct from the award winning maker. The bread and coleslaw is from a local bakery and deli. The chicken is from just over the border in Ceredigion but you will know why when you taste the quality!

Includes 4 traditional pork sausages, 2 beef burgers, two chicken thighs, 2 lamb koftas, pack of pork ribs, 250g tub of fresh coleslaw, 4 small rolls and two 42g pots of chutney.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

 Saturday Food delivery

Every Saturday morning we have G W Watkins & Son mobile shop calls up the farm, (Usually around 9.30am)  he will drive round the park.  They sells fruit and vegetables, Fresh meats, locally  made cakes, eggs and much much more!

Milk, Eggs
Ddol fach diary also deliver Milk and eggs on order.  Ordering details available in the information point.


Comes every Tuesday around 11am – 12pm . Hywel will call round  the park and if your in let you know he is here.